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Mediation is a voluntary process of conflict prevention and resolution that allows the parties in dispute the opportunity to address and resolve their issues in a confidential and private environment. In mediation, an independent, neutral Mediator assists the parties to come to agreement through a collaborative process. The Mediator’s role is non-judgmental and non-directive. The Mediator is neither judge nor arbitrator and does not adjudicate or give decisions on the rights or wrongs of the actions of the parties. The Mediator helps the parties to identify their issues and needs and to explore how those needs can be addressed.

Who are Grace & McCarthy Mediation?

We are a private client mediation service run by Accredited Mediators. Our mediators have extensive experience in dispute resolution.

Mediation is effective

• In conflict prevention and management • In single-issue and multi-issue disputes
• In two-people or multi-party conflicts
• For developing innovative and sustainable solutions when parties are willing but stuck
• As a preventive intervention early in a conflict
• As a last-ditch effort to avoid further costly and public litigation

Mediation is a collaborative process that improves communication, addresses outstanding issues, defuses emotions and highlights areas of agreement.

Research shows that over 80% of mediated cases are successfully resolved at the mediation or shortly after.

How does mediation work?

Mediation provides a confidential and safe environment for the parties to air their issues and concerns and to hear the issues and concerns of the other party. The content of the mediation is confidential to the parties and the Mediator and can only be shared with a third party with the express permission of all parties, or where required by law. The parties and the Mediator agree to the terms of the mediation at the outset of the mediation. The format of the mediation process may vary depending on the Mediator and the type of dispute. Sometimes there are pre-mediation meetings between the Mediator and each of the principal parties. Depending on the model of mediation, the parties may spend most of the joint-session in the same room or may only spend a short period of time in the same room with the Mediator acting as the go-between. Whatever the model of mediation, any agreement from the mediation must be mutually acceptable to all parties and is generally binding unless otherwise agreed by the parties.

How does family mediation work?

One or both parties contact Grace & McCarthy Family Mediation. If both parties are happy to partake in the mediation process, initial appointments are made to meet with each party separately, in advance of any joint sessions.

Types of situations suitable for mediation

The inherent flexibility of the mediation process allows for a range of applications from two-party conflicts to complex, multi-party and multi-issue disputes. Mediation may be used as a preventative intervention to address issues or concerns that, left unresolved, may escalate into a more serious dispute or as a remedial intervention, where a dispute has arisen or a formal process initiated.

Type of situations suitable for mediation include:

• Marriage breakdown / Family Child Care plans
• Interpersonal disputes
• Performance issues
• Allegations of bullying and harassment
• Difficulties arising from organisational change
• Intercultural issues
• Issues with the employer
• Community disputes

What are the safeguards?

Grace & McCarthy are approved Mediators are trained in conflict resolution skills and techniques. We provide a safe, confidential environment and have the expertise needed to give people the best possible opportunity to resolve their difficulties. Mediation allows for creative outcomes that would not be available through the narrower remit of investigation or litigation.

Is mediation for me?

Mediation works towards long-term solutions for the disputing parties. If there is an ongoing relationship between the parties, mediation can help the parties to plan how they will engage into the future. Grace & McCarthy Mediators have a high standard of training and accreditation. All Mediators in receipt of a current MII Practising Certificate have been subject to skills assessment and are bound by the MII Code of Ethics and Practice. We have appropriate professional indemnity insurance in place, to engage in ongoing, annual continuing professional development (CPD) in mediation and are subject to independent regulation.

How long will it take?

On average mediation takes two to three sessions to complete over a number of days. Each session lasts approximately three to four hours.

The disputing parties control the content and the outcome of the mediation.

If mediation doesn’t provide a satisfactory outcome for you, all of your other options for dispute resolution remain open.


miriam grace mediator

Miriam Grace

Certified Mediator086 850 6219

Miriam Grace is a Certified Family Mediator with the Mediation Institute of Ireland. She holds an LL.B,(Law) Degree and has completed the Friary Law mediation programme and the advanced mediation programme at NUI Galway. She has extensive knowledge in general legal matters and has a particular interest in respect of insurance industry related matters, in particular underwriting issues. She has extensive experience in Family Law and Employment Law matters having dealt with Family Law and Conflict Resolution disputes for many years, successfully concluding mediations for her clients.

Cora Mc Carthy mediator

Cora McCarthy

Certified Mediator086 820 7741

Cora Mc Carthy is a certified Mediatior with the Mediation Institute of Ireland and holds a Masters Degree in Dispute Resolution. Cora has vast experience in Family, Workplace and Community Mediation having worked in Community Law and Mediation in Dublin. Her interests lie in understanding and resolving workplace disputes before litigation. In Family Mediation her specialist area is the real effect of separation and divorce on Children and preserving the family unit. Cora regularly works as a courts Mediator in Dublin.

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